Definitions of "debt"
  1. Being in a state where one has to fulfill obligations or give something to someone due to a previous agreement or transaction
  2. An assigned amount of money or task that one must provide to another party based on a mutual agreement, such as a loan contract
  3. The responsibility of paying or performing a particular action based on another party's demand or claim
  4. A condition characterized by the state of owing things or money to others
  5. The total sum of money that one owes to others
  6. A lawsuit under common law aiming to recover a definite amount of money or a sum that can be determined clearly and without doubt
How to use "debt" in a sentence
  1. After years of frivolous spending, John found himself in a staggering amount of debt.
  2. The bank filed a lawsuit to recover the debt from the failed business loan.
  3. Jane decided to pay off her debt early to avoid accruing more interest.

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