Definitions of "delegate"
  1. Someone granted the power to act on someone else's behalf
  2. An individual permitted to conduct duties under a contract that another person is obligated to
  3. A participant at a meeting or conference standing in for a political party
  4. The representative from a U.S. territory who takes part in the House of Representatives
  5. A legislative member from Maryland, Virginia, or West Virginia who serves in their respective lower houses
  6. The act of entrusting, assigning, or transferring power, authority, or a role to someone else
  7. The act of handing over one's obligations under a contract to another person
  8. Authorizing an administrative agency or similar body to execute a governmental function
  9. The act of nominating someone else to represent oneself
  10. Moving responsibility or authority from oneself to another
How to use "delegate" in a sentence
  1. The boss chose to delegate the task to her assistant.
  2. In the event of my absence, I delegate my voting rights to my associate.
  3. The Governor elected not to attend the meeting, instead choosing to delegate his attendance to the Deputy Governor.

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