Definitions of "deposit"
  1. The act of leaving something temporarily in a secure place for protection or as a pledge
  2. The process where movable property is put under a deposit for safety
  3. The status of having put something, like funds, into an account or other safe place
  4. A thing that has been left in a secure place for protection
  5. Funds that have been put into a bank account that the account holder can access
  6. An item given as collateral, as assurance for fulfillment of a condition
  7. A voluntary transfer where movable property is entrusted to another for a limited time or specific purpose, with liability for loss or damage to the property
  8. Movable property that has been put in a secure location
  9. The performance of placing something valuable for safekeeping or security
How to use "deposit" in a sentence
  1. The tenants provided a deposit as a guarantee they would take care of the property.
  2. She made a deposit into her savings account to secure her future.
  3. Their practice required a deposit for their legal services, ensuring they would be paid for the work completed.

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