Definitions of "direct"
  1. The act of commanding with authority
  2. The command to enter a verdict without involving the jury's decision
  3. Acting in the role of a director or overseer
  4. Holding the position of a director
  5. Originating directly from a specific source
  6. Descending in a straight line from parent to offspring without deviation
  7. Having no intervening persons, influences or devices
  8. Coming into effect immediately through the action of the people or electorate without any mediators
  9. Defined by a clear logical, causal, or consequential relationship
How to use "direct" in a sentence
  1. The judge decided to direct the verdict without jury deliberation due to definitive evidence.
  2. One characteristic of a direct inheritance is its passage from parent to offspring without any deviations.
  3. The come-country decision was direct, effected by the action of the electorate without any representatives.

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