Definitions of "disclaimer"
  1. The act of refusing or rejecting a right that one is entitled to claim
  2. The process of denying any responsibility associated with a specific event or action
  3. The act of denying or restricting the rights provided by a guarantee or warranty, typically in a vendor-buyer relationship
  4. A statement by an insurance company denying the guarantee of coverage for a claim or event
  5. A document that contains a statement of refusal or rejection, often relating to rights or responsibilities
How to use "disclaimer" in a sentence
  1. Before using the software, the company had to agree to the disclaimer that was provided.
  2. Upon arrival at the amusement park, visitors were required to sign a disclaimer, absolving the park of any responsibility of injuries.
  3. In the contract, there was a disclaimer that stated the seller was not responsible for any defects that might be discovered after the purchase.

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