Definitions of "disclosure"
  1. The process or action of revealing information or facts
  2. The process where a lending institution provides necessary information under the Truth in Lending Act that helps a consumer make informed decisions about the loan
  3. The process of providing financial information about a corporation and its security offerings to potential investors
  4. The act of revealing business transaction details by an insider in a corporation, typically an officer, to gain approval when there's a potential for self-interest
  5. The process where a debtor in a bankruptcy case reveals the details of a bankruptcy plan to the creditors
How to use "disclosure" in a sentence
  1. The company is under scrutiny for its lack of transparency and disclosure about financial dealings.
  2. To avoid potential conflicts of interest, the officer made a full disclosure of the business transaction to the board.
  3. The bank made a detailed disclosure about loan conditions, enabling the customer to make an educated decision.

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