Definitions of "discount"
  1. The act of lessening the total amount or value of something
  2. A cut made from the standard or predetermined price typically given for timely payment or for transacting in cash
  3. The act of reducing the payment for interest when giving money for a note that is not yet due
  4. A decrease in the buying price of a specific kind of financial product called a bond
  5. The act of selling financial stocks or bonds at a lesser rate than the amount that will be returned at its maturity or redemption
  6. The action of lessening an amount usually related to cash transactions or prompt payment
  7. The act of putting up items for sale at a price less than usual or standard
  8. The act of providing a loan but lessening the amount given initially
  9. Considering prospective or future events in determining the present calculation or estimates
  10. The act or process of providing or receiving reductions in price
  11. The practice of offering items or services for sale at a lesser price than usual
  12. Being offered for sale at a rate less than the usual or list price
  13. Having a lower price than the original or list price
How to use "discount" in a sentence
  1. They are selling season passes at a discount to encourage early bird purchases.
  2. The bank would like to discount the loan if the payment is given immediately.
  3. The store offers a discount on older items to make room for the new items coming in.

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