Definitions of "distribution"
  1. The act of sharing or delivering something among multiple recipients
  2. A judicial assignment of an intestate's property, especially personal belongings, as per legal guidelines, to the people who have a lawful claim to it
  3. In trust law, the act of transferring or disbursing benefits or interests to a named beneficiary that they are eligible to receive
  4. In corporate law, the act of transferring assets or money to shareholders in their role as owners of the company
  5. In securities, the first-time offering of a financial product by a corporation to the public
  6. In controlled substances, the act of delivering these substances
  7. Any item or set of items that are being shared or delivered
How to use "distribution" in a sentence
  1. The distribution of company profits at the end of the financial year was welcome news to all shareholders.
  2. The distribution of the deceased person's assets will be conducted as per the state's probate laws.
  3. In accordance with the will, the lawyer handled the distribution of the estate property among the various beneficiaries.

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