Definitions of "draft"
  1. An initial version or sketch of something, specifically a law
  2. A method or action of picking individuals from a group, often utilized for military service
  3. The action or process of choosing an individual for a specific purpose, such as a political candidacy, without the person's explicit consent
  4. A payment order made out by an individual or bank for a sum of money to be paid by another
  5. The act of picking someone for a specific intent
  6. The creation or preparation of an initial version of something, often a document or legislation
  7. The act of honing the skill of diagrammatic representation or drafting
How to use "draft" in a sentence
  1. The senator worked late into the night on the draft of the bill.
  2. The young man worried about the looming possibility of a military draft.
  3. The council surprised the community with a sudden draft of a new mayor.

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