Definitions of "draw"
  1. Refers to creating something via a process of selection that is not predetermined or influenced by previous outcomes
  2. Relates to the act of retrieving money that has been previously stored in an account or depository
  3. Pertains to the process of writing and authorizing an official request for a specific amount of money
  4. Involves the process of creating documents or legal records adhering to established rules or protocols
  5. Describes the action of making a formal written request to access funds that have been deposited in an account
How to use "draw" in a sentence
  1. Because the participants in the lottery were numerous, there was a need to draw the winners randomly.
  2. After much deliberation, the organization decided to draw funds from their savings to finance the new project.
  3. In order to settle the debt, they had to draw a draft specifying the exact amount owed.

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