due diligence

Definitions of "due diligence"
  1. Making reasonable efforts, to the extent a reasonable person would do under similar circumstances
  2. Exercising the care that a wise person might take in the analysis and appraisal of risks governing a business deal
  3. The investigative process typically carried out by an impartial third party, like an accounting or law firm, for someone considering a business deal, such as a company takeover or merger, financial loan, or notably buying of securities, with the intention of delivering information to assess the benefits and risks
  4. The defense, used in a lawsuit, asserting that reasonable efforts were undertaken to avoid any harm or foul play
How to use "due diligence" in a sentence
  1. The investors completed their due diligence before finalizing the deal with the start-up company.
  2. Despite her due diligence, the lawyer could not find any tangible evidence against the defendant.
  3. Upon conducting due diligence, the accounting firm found discrepancies in the company's financial statements.

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