easement by implication

Definition of "easement by implication"
  1. This is a legal right granted when a property owner separates their property into two pieces in a way that a noticeable and established use of one piece is required for the reasonable use of the other piece, often linked to access. This is also known as an easement by necessity or implied easement
How to use "easement by implication" in a sentence
  1. The farmer was granted an easement by implication when he split his farmland, allowing him to use the road that passed through one parcel to reach the other.
  2. After subdividing her lot, the owner found herself landlocked and had to rely on an easement by implication to access the public road.
  3. The waterfront house owner required an easement by implication when he sold part of his land, leaving no direct route to the water from the remainder of his property.

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