Economic Opportunity Act

Definition of "Economic Opportunity Act"
  1. A law that allocated funds for job training, developed a Job Corps for youth training in conservation and urban settings, promoted programs for community action, provided loans to small businesses and farmers, instituted VISTA (a program comparable to the Peace Corps, but domestic), and developed the Head Start program aimed at preparing kids for successful public school education with medical, dental, social, nutritional, and psychological services. The law was repealed in 1981, but many initiatives launched under it remain
How to use "Economic Opportunity Act" in a sentence
  1. One of the initiatives launched under the Economic Opportunity Act is the Head Start program.
  2. The Economic Opportunity Act was repealed in 1981, but programs such as VISTA established under it still exist.
  3. The Economic Opportunity Act provided a Job Corps for youth training in both conservation and urban environments.

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