Definitions of "election"
  1. A procedure of making a choice or decision, usually by casting votes
  2. The occurrence where voters choose individuals to hold public office
  3. This refers to when a person or political party has been chosen to serve in an official capacity
  4. The right or liberty to make a selection or decision
  5. In a legal context, it is the privilege allowed to a surviving spouse to either claim a defined portion of a deceased spouse's estate or to accept the will's designated share
  6. This is a right vested in a person with interest in a property disposed of in a will, to either claim the property or accept the provision under the will
  7. In contract law, it's the freedom of a party whose agreement has been violated to decide whether to pursue or terminate the arrangement
How to use "election" in a sentence
  1. After the election, the newly chosen representative was eager to make changes.
  2. The wife, upon her husband's death, faced an election between the will's provisions and the statutory share.
  3. When the contract was breached, the company was left with the tough election of either continuing the contract or terminating it.

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