Definitions of "equity"
  1. The concept of justice and fairness as opposed to strictly adhering to written laws or rules
  2. An example of a situation where fairness is maintained
  3. An established set of rules and principles that originated in English chancery law, which supplements or supersedes common and statutory law
  4. The principles or rules that were formed in courts of equity, aiming for justice according to fairness
  5. A jurisdiction that specifically handles cases according to concepts of fairness rather than fixed laws
  6. A collection of doctrines and regulations designed to extend or override a strict or rigid law system
  7. A valid claim or interest that lies within the principles of fairness and justice
  8. The financial worth of a property or interest in a property after deducting any debt or lien such as a mortgage
  9. A stake or ownership held in a property carrying potential risks and rewards
  10. The shares issued by a corporation representing ownership rights
How to use "equity" in a sentence
  1. The plaintiff was seeking equity from the court to rectify the injustice caused by the strict application of the law.
  2. The homeowner's equity increased as they continued to make mortgage payments and the property appreciated in value.
  3. Investors looking to buy equity in the company were eagerly waiting for its initial public offering.

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