Definitions of "escheat"
  1. A procedure through which property is transferred to the government when its owner can't be identified
  2. The process through which an individual's property becomes state property after their death if they don't have legal heirs
  3. The action of causing a property to become state-owned due to the impossibility of finding rightful heirs or owners
  4. The act of a property becoming government-owned when there are no eligible heirs or claimants
How to use "escheat" in a sentence
  1. After their neighbor passed away without any known relatives, the couple was surprised to learn that the house would escheat to the state.
  2. If a person dies without a will and has no heirs, their property will escheat to the government.
  3. Despite extended research, they were unable to find any heirs, and the property was set to escheat.

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