Definitions of "escrow"
  1. Escrow refers to any document, often property-related, or monetary amount held by an unrelated third party, whose distribution to the receiving party hinges upon certain agreed conditions being met
  2. An escrow can also indicate a specific pool of resources or deposit that is specifically set up to function as a secured holding until certain obligations are fulfilled
  3. The act of putting documents, property, or money under the custody of a neutral third party with the understanding that it will be released upon the satisfaction of certain prerequisites is referred to as 'to place in escrow'
How to use "escrow" in a sentence
  1. The home buyer and the seller agreed to use an escrow to ensure the house inspections were completed before the transaction.
  2. As part of the online transaction, the funds were placed in escrow until the buyer confirmed receipt of the purchased goods.
  3. To safeguard the investment, they decided to place the funds in escrow until all contractual conditions were met.

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