Definitions of "estate"
  1. The actual level of interest, degree, quality, or size a person has in regards to land or property
  2. A collective term for a person's or an organization's total property assets
  3. A sum of assets and liabilities left by someone upon their passing
  4. A deceased person's possessions treated as a legal entity
  5. A piece of land specifically impacted by an easement
How to use "estate" in a sentence
  1. After his death, his family had disagreements over the distribution of his estate.
  2. The company's estate has significantly grown after the acquisition of several properties.
  3. After considering all assets and liabilities, his estate at death showed a notable net worth.
  4. The estate of the deceased was divided among the heirs as per the legal procedures.
  5. That piece of estate is no longer desirable due to the newly implemented easement.

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