Ethics in Government Act

Definition of "Ethics in Government Act"
  1. A law that outlines a comprehensive ethical code for federal officials, including those in the executive branch. This Act mandates government officers to submit financial disclosure reports to identify any potential conflicts of interest. Further, it imposes stricter limits on employees from the executive branch registering as lobbyists post their government service. It also launched the 'Office of Special Prosecutor' (known as 'independent counsel' after 1983) for investigating and prosecuting high-level executive officials independently from the attorney general's office, and it set up the Office of Government Ethics to oversee the code's stipulations
How to use "Ethics in Government Act" in a sentence
  1. The Ethics in Government Act came into force to ensure Federal officials uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct.
  2. Under the Ethics in Government Act, a government official was required to disclose his financial backgrounds to avoid any conflicts of interest.
  3. Post her government service, she encountered stricter limitations from registering as a lobbyist due to the Ethics in Government Act.

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