exhaustion of remedies

Definition of "exhaustion of remedies"
  1. A principle in both civil and criminal law that states a legal solution cannot be pursued in a different place, such as a federal district court, until all available avenues for a resolution have been used up in the original area of authority, such as a state court, tribal court, or regulatory agency
How to use "exhaustion of remedies" in a sentence
  1. Our lawyer advised us to follow the exhaustion of remedies principle and pursue all possible solutions in the state court before appealing to the federal court.
  2. According to the exhaustion of remedies rule, they have to exhaust all options in the tribal court before turning to a higher court.
  3. The plaintiff couldn't immediately file a lawsuit in the federal court as per the exhaustion of remedies doctrine; they had to first go through all potential remedies with the relevant administrative agency.

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