Definitions of "expose"
  1. Refers to putting someone or something at risk due to detrimental actions or conditions
  2. Introduces someone or something to the possibility of financial loss or legal responsibility
  3. Describes the act of leaving a child without care, leaving them with no protection from environmental elements
  4. Allows for something or someone to be clearly seen, revealing what was previously hidden
  5. Presents an item in a public manner with the aim to sell it
  6. Deliberately reveals private body parts in a scenario where such behavior is deemed indecent or offensive, often by statutory law
How to use "expose" in a sentence
  1. The lack of safety measures in the factory can expose workers to dangerous conditions.
  2. Significant investments in the stock market can expose an individual to substantial financial loss if the market crashes.
  3. By unveiling the prototype at the expo, the company managed to expose their latest product to a wide audience.

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