Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

Definition of "Federal Rules of Civil Procedure"
  1. These are rules set forth to govern how civil cases are handled in federal courts. The main goal of these rules is to ensure a fair, swift, and cost-effective resolution of each case. Key components of the process dictated by these rules include information gathering by both parties (discovery) and a preparatory meeting before a judge to make decisions about the necessity of a trial or the prospect of reaching a settlement outside court. These federal rules often act as a blueprint for similar rules in many state courts
How to use "Federal Rules of Civil Procedure" in a sentence
  1. The lawyer needs to study the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure to understand how the court will handle the civil case.
  2. The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure stipulate how discovery and pretrial conferences should be conducted in federal civil cases.
  3. Many state courts have modeled their procedures for civil case management based on the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

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