Definitions of "file"
  1. The process of officially submitting a legal document to the relevant office for record-keeping, usually part of a legal transaction or proceeding
  2. The act of formally placing a document among the records of an organization after receiving and validating it
  3. Returning the documents associated with a case back to the recordkeeper of a court without a resolution of the case
  4. Starting a legal process in a court or administrative setting by appropriately presenting necessary documents or adhering to required procedures
  5. Officially listing oneself as a participant, most commonly in a preliminary election
  6. The action of organizing items into a distinct group for easy retrieval
  7. An assembled group of documents or publications, often ordered or categorized for convenience
How to use "file" in a sentence
  1. The lawyer is expected to file the new evidence before the trial begins next week.
  2. The city council candidate needs to file her application before the deadline.
  3. The investigator organized the large quantity of evidence and file it for future reference.

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