Definitions of "final"
  1. Refers to a judgment or ruling that concludes a court case, with nothing else remaining for the court to decide, although it can still be appealed
  2. Describes a decision that prevents any further appeal or continuation of a case in another court based on its merits
  3. Signifies a decision for which all appeal options have been exhausted and a final review, or writ of certiorari, has either been denied or the time to request it has passed
  4. Represents a decision that completely ends any remaining legal actions between the parties involved, leaving nothing else to be done by the lower courts except carrying out the judgment
  5. Indicates the last point in a sequence, process, or progress
How to use "final" in a sentence
  1. The final judgment in the defamation suit required the defendant to pay damages.
  2. The final decision was announced, and there was no scope for further appeal.
  3. The case reached its final stage after exhausting all appeal options.

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