Definitions of "finance"
  1. This term refers to the cash or other fluid resources owned by a government, organization, or person
  2. It can refer to a system that manages the flow of money, credit allocation, investment, and banking services
  3. The term is also used to describe the academic or scientific study of how funds are managed
  4. This term may also refer to the process of securing funds or capital
  5. It can also mean raising or making available funds or capital
  6. Sometimes the term is used to denote the act of giving necessary funds
  7. Lastly, it is used to express a scenario in which goods or services are sold on credit
How to use "finance" in a sentence
  1. The manager of a start-up needs to understand finance to run the business effectively.
  2. She studied finance at university, focusing on investment strategies.
  3. The bank helps small businesses by financing their operations.

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