Definitions of "float"
  1. The sum of money present in outstanding checks and currently in the collection process
  2. The duration from when a transaction is made, such as writing a check or making a credit purchase, to when the money is actually withdrawn from the account for payment
  3. The act of letting a currency's value adjust according to supply and demand in the international exchange market, free from any artificial control or support
  4. The process of making an issue of securities available for purchase on the market
  5. Raising money for setting up or expanding a business through the sale of securities
How to use "float" in a sentence
  1. The company managed the float carefully to ensure its operating liquidity.
  2. Due to the float, the funds were not withdrawn from her account until three days after the credit card transaction.
  3. The government decided to float its currency, allowing the foreign exchange market to determine its value.
  4. The new company decided to float its shares to raise capital for expansion.
  5. To secure funds for the new project, the company planned to float bonds in the financial market.

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