four-month rule

Definitions of "four-month rule"
  1. A mandate that stipulates an action must occur within a four-month time period
  2. A decree present in certain states which mandates that a defendant must stand trial within four months of being arrested, put on trial, or arraigned
  3. A directive from section 9-316(a)(2) of the Uniform Commercial Code that permits a creditor with a secured loan four months to reestablish a security interest in a state if the collateral, originally established in a different state, is transferred
How to use "four-month rule" in a sentence
  1. The four-month rule ensures that the defendant goes to trial swiftly, preventing unnecessary detention.
  2. Under the four-month rule, all necessary steps to fulfill the contract must be undertaken before the specified period elapses.
  3. The Uniform Commercial Code's four-month rule allows creditors to maintain their security interests across state lines.

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