Definitions of "franchise"
  1. A unique advantage or exemption given by the government to a person, group, or business
  2. The permission to operate a business, often with corporate powers
  3. A privilege given to a utility company to offer services and utilize public property for such services
  4. A right protected by the constitution or law
  5. A license allowing an individual or group to sell or promote a company's products or services in a designated area, typically including company-specific rules, support services, advertising, and facilities, in exchange for fees or other compensation
  6. In insurance, a set threshold in an insurance policy; the insurer is not responsible for costs below this amount and takes on complete responsibility for costs exceeding this amount
  7. Group insurance that covers fewer people than the legal minimum
How to use "franchise" in a sentence
  1. The city awarded a 10-year franchise to the power company.
  2. In pursuing their franchise, the local food joint followed all the procedures laid out by the corporate office.
  3. Upon inspection, it was found that the group's health coverage didn't qualify as a franchise as it fell short of the required participant count.

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