Definitions of "free"
  1. The state of possessing the rights and privileges of a citizen under law
  2. The condition of enjoying civil and political liberties
  3. Refers to having political autonomy, or freedom from influence by foreign entities
  4. Indicates being independent and not under someone else's control or authority
  5. A situation where actions are taken by choice, out of the individual's free will, without any compulsion or restrictions
  6. Describes a condition where a burden, such as a lien or any other obligation, is absent
  7. Not confined to a certain region or constraint, with the ability to move freely
  8. Authorizes conducting trade without any restrictions imposed
  9. Implies the absence of any kind of governmental interference or regulation
  10. Infers being free from any limitations or official authority
  11. Refers to when something is provided without any cost
  12. A process of making someone or something free from constraints or burdens
  13. It involves removing constraints, confinements, restrictions or burdens from someone or something
How to use "free" in a sentence
  1. When the debts were all paid, the property was free.
  2. The hostages were set free after negotiations.
  3. You can download the application for free.

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