Definitions of "gerrymander"
  1. It's the practice or strategy employed to manipulate the boundaries of an electoral constituency in a way that favors a particular political party
  2. It refers to a district or series of districts having great discrepancies in size or population, brought about by such manipulative practices
  3. The action of configuring election districts in such a way that maximizes the electoral success of a specific political party, while minimizing the effect of opposition votes by crowding them into as few districts as possible
  4. The process of dividing an area into political sectors to give certain advantages to a specific group
How to use "gerrymander" in a sentence
  1. The opposition accused the ruling party of gerrymander to win the upcoming elections.
  2. One district's odd boundaries were suspected to be a result of gerrymander to favor the incumbent.
  3. The local residents protested against the gerrymander which they said disrupted community voting power.

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