Definitions of "give"
  1. The act or process of presenting someone a particular item or aspect without expecting a return
  2. The formal action of granting or bestowing someone with something
  3. When authority or care of something is transferred to another person
  4. The act of carrying out and presenting an official document or item
  5. The process of conveying or sharing information or knowledge with someone
  6. Putting something forth to be thought over or assessed by another person
  7. Allowing someone else to take hold of or have something in return for something else
  8. Assigning a penalty or consequences as a response to a violation or misconduct
  9. The official declaration of the outcome of a legal case, typically a reward or judgment
How to use "give" in a sentence
  1. It is expected for one party to give the necessary documents for processing the agreement.
  2. In the contract, the company decided to give the manager the authority to make certain decisions.
  3. After the employee misconduct, the boss was faced with no option but to give the disciplinary action as prescribed by the company.

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