Definitions of "government"
  1. The procedure of controlling or managing the affairs of a state or community
  2. The official capacity or jurisdiction to manage and control public affairs
  3. An ongoing exercise of controlling or managing affairs of a political entity or society
  4. An entity or system through which a political unit exercises power and performs responsibilities and is generally categorized by how power is distributed within it
  5. The aggregation of political institutions, rules, and traditions that collectively execute the task of governance
  6. The assembly of individuals who form the governing authority of a political entity or group
  7. Members of the governing body within a political entity who make it an action-driven agency
  8. The executive branch of the federal government of the United States
  9. In criminal proceedings, the prosecution acting on behalf of the political unit
How to use "government" in a sentence
  1. The government has been putting significant effort into improving the country's infrastructure.
  2. Covid-19 exposed the challenges that many governments around the world are facing in healthcare.
  3. The new legislation was passed by the government to enhance transparency in the public procurement process.

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