Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

Definition of "Gulf of Tonkin Resolution"
  1. This term denotes a decision made by the United States Congress on August 5, 1964, backed by President Lyndon B. Johnson. This came after alleged unprovoked attacks on American naval vehicles by torpedo boats from North Vietnam in the Gulf of Tonkin between August 2 and August 4. The resolution aimed at authorizing all needed responses to any armed assault against the United States forces, and deterring any further aggression. This resolution also asserted that preserving global tranquility and safety in Southeast Asia was crucial to American interests and global peace. This resolution was passed by both houses of Congress on August 7. However, years later, due to emerging information about U.S. activities and policies in Vietnam, many Congress members began to view the resolution as giving sweeping powers to the president to initiate conflict, and it was eventually rescinded in 1970
How to use "Gulf of Tonkin Resolution" in a sentence
  1. The historians are still debating the long-term impact of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution on US foreign policy.
  2. With false information feeding into their decision, Congress, unfortunately, passed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, causing a significant escalation in the Vietnam War.
  3. In the aftermath of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, many legislative members expressed regret over how it was used to permit an extended conflict in Vietnam.

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