Hepburn Act

Definition of "Hepburn Act"
  1. An Act that significantly expanded the jurisdiction of the Interstate Commerce Commission, which was originally formed in 1887 to supervise interstate railway commerce. Following a Supreme Court ruling in 1897, which weakened its power, the Hepburn Act was established amid increasing public demand for effective regulation of interstate railroad rates. The Act made it a requirement for railroads to get the ICC's approval before raising rates, laying the groundwork for the current understanding of consumer protection via government regulation
How to use "Hepburn Act" in a sentence
  1. The introduction of the Hepburn Act marked a turning point in the control of interstate railroad rates.
  2. The Hepburn Act served as a precursor to the notion of consumer protection by government regulation in the United States.
  3. Before implementing an increase in their rates, railroad companies had to acquire approval from the Interstate Commerce Commission under the terms of the Hepburn Act.

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