Definitions of "hire"
  1. The act of paying to use something for a certain period or to employ someone for a task or job
  2. The act where one party enters into an agreement with another for temporary services or to use something for a period
  3. The condition in which an individual or an entity is under contract to provide services or temporary use of an item for payment
  4. Person or entity providing services or the temporary use of something on receipt of payment
  5. Entering into a contract with someone for their services or to use something of theirs for a fixed price
  6. The act of agreeing to provide personal services or allow temporary use of something for payment
  7. Accepting a job or employment with an employer
How to use "hire" in a sentence
  1. The construction company decided to hire a specialist for the renovation job.
  2. She managed to secure a hire agreement for the designer dress she wanted for the event.
  3. After a comprehensive interview process, he was excited to hire for the vacant position in his division.

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