Definitions of "holder"
  1. An individual who possesses something
  2. The one who utilizes someone else's property through a specific agreement, often a lease
  3. Under the Uniform Commercial Code, someone in possession of a negotiable instrument made payable to them, or bearer
  4. Under the Uniform Commercial Code, an individual with goods specified in a document of title that can be delivered to the person possessing the document
  5. An individual or entity, such as a trustee or debtor, who possesses someone else's property under the provisions of the Civil Code regarding unclaimed property
How to use "holder" in a sentence
  1. The bank became the holder of the mortgage after the original owner sold it.
  2. Under the agreement, the tenant was the holder of the commercial property for a term of twenty years.
  3. By being in possession of the bearer bond, she was considered its legal holder.

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