Immigration Acts

Definition of "Immigration Acts"
  1. Laws passed by Congress beginning in the 19th century to regulate the number and characteristics of immigrants entering the United States. These acts often restricted certain groups deemed undesirable, like people from specific countries, illiterate people, the sick or handicapped, and criminals. The Immigration Act of 1924 established a quota system, allocating spots to immigrants based on national origin. This system persisted until 1965, when a first-come, first-serve system replaced it. Subsequent amendments regulated employer hiring of undocumented immigrants and increased immigration limits
How to use "Immigration Acts" in a sentence
  1. The recent controversy related to a policy can trace its origins back to the Immigration Acts.
  2. The senate will be voting on proposed modifications to the Immigration Acts, potentially changing immigration policy in the country.
  3. Studying the changes made to the Immigration Acts over the years can provide insight into the historical attitudes towards immigrants.

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