Definitions of "impeach"
  1. Refers to accusing someone, often a public official, of wrongdoing or criminal activity
  2. Involves questioning or criticizing something in a way that casts suspicion on its reliability or validity
  3. It's used when someone disagrees with a court decision due to alleged misbehavior by the court officials or jury during the process
  4. Refers to questioning the trustworthiness of a testimony or the person providing it in a legal proceeding
How to use "impeach" in a sentence
  1. The members of the opposition party signed a motion to impeach the governor on grounds of misuse of public funds.
  2. The scientist began to impeach the study, finding flaws in the method that brought its results into question.
  3. Their attorney decided to impeach the court’s decision, accusing the judge of bias.
  4. During the trial, the defense attorney attempted to impeach the police officer's testimony by questioning his memory of the events.

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