Definitions of "inheritance"
  1. The process by which assets, rights, and obligations are transferred to another party after someone's death
  2. The process of gaining property or assets, either through a will or by the default laws when no will is present
  3. The transfer of all rights, properties, and debts of a deceased individual to another person, either as specified in a will or determined by law
  4. Any item or right that can be passed on to an individual upon the death of another
  5. The entitlement one has to assets or property as the legal heir upon the death of the current owner
How to use "inheritance" in a sentence
  1. Upon her father's death, she took over the inheritance of his sizable estate.
  2. The lawyer explained the steps involved in processing the inheritance after a loved one's death.
  3. Disputes over the inheritance arose among the siblings after their parents passed away.

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