Definitions of "injure"
  1. The act of intruding on or conflicting with an individual's protected legal rights or interests
  2. Harming someone's physical, emotional, or mental state
  3. The act of causing someone to suffer due to damage to their property, deprivation of property, or interference with a property interest
  4. A violation of a person's rights that are protected by the constitution or other legal framework
  5. The act of damaging or compromising the integrity or aesthetic value of a structure
  6. In terms of law and justice, the act of inflicting harm or damage
How to use "injure" in a sentence
  1. The reckless driver will face charges because his actions did injure the cyclist.
  2. The company was sued for its products that dangerously injure consumers.
  3. The tenants took the landlord to court alleging that the poor state of the building could potentially injure their well-being.

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