Definitions of "insanity"
  1. A state of mental incompetency that prevents a person's ability to lawfully participate in a certain activity or absolves them from civil or criminal liability
  2. A mental illness or defect that makes an individual incapable of understanding the nature of a criminal act, appreciating its wrongfulness, or behaving in accordance with the law
  3. The lack of mental capacity to comprehend and participate effectively in legal proceedings
  4. A mental incapacity that prevents understanding of the purpose and implications of a sentence such as capital punishment
  5. A mental insufficiency that hinders one's understanding of one's actions or the outcomes, proceedings, or matters in which they are involved
  6. A legal defense asserting that the person was in a state of insanity while committing an act
How to use "insanity" in a sentence
  1. Due to her claim of insanity, she was put through psychological evaluation before her trial.
  2. The judge ruled out the possibility of an insanity plea after the psychiatrist's testimony.
  3. His lawyer argued that his client's insanity prevented him from understanding the consequences of his actions.

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