Definitions of "inspection"
  1. A careful study or detailed scrutiny targeted towards critical understanding or decisions
  2. The act by a buyer of closely examining goods before making payment or accepting them, as outlined within section 2-513 of the Uniform Commercial Code
  3. The act of evaluating commercial products to ascertain if they are eligible for transportation or sale
  4. A process of investigating an individual applying for insurance coverage
  5. A scrutinization of a community, premises, a facility, or vehicle conducted by someone with the requisite authority for ensuring regulations are observed or for identifying potential dangers such as fire
  6. The process of reviewing documents, items, or property to gain knowledge or to prepare for a trial
How to use "inspection" in a sentence
  1. The home buyer arranged for an inspection before purchasing the property to ensure its value.
  2. As part of the process, the insurance company carried out an inspection of the applicant's medical history.
  3. The bureaucrat made an unexpected inspection of the factory to verify regulatory compliance.

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