Definitions of "interest"
  1. The legal rights or entitlements to a property, including shares or claims
  2. A level of financial involvement or concern that necessitates acknowledgment or may result in bias
  3. Something deemed important enough to deserve specific attention
  4. An important principle, object, or purpose that raises concerns
  5. A legal entitlement derived from a constitution, such as the U.S. Constitution
  6. The overall well-being or welfare of an individual
  7. The fee incurred for borrowing money, typically calculated as a percentage of the total amount borrowed
How to use "interest" in a sentence
  1. The creditor's interest in the property was established by the mortgage agreement.
  2. Due to his significant financial interest in the company, he abstained from the board's vote on the proposed merger.
  3. Her interest in the case was obvious, given her public statements on the matter.

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