Definitions of "invest"
  1. The act of placing someone in a position or role in an official capacity
  2. The action of supplying someone or something with power or official authority
  3. The granting of control or say-so to someone or something
  4. The commitment of money or resources to projects or ventures with the expectation of achieving a profit
  5. Utilizing resources or assets now with the expectation of gaining advantages or benefits in the future
  6. The process of putting resources into a purchase or venture considered valuable, with hopes of gaining profit in the future
How to use "invest" in a sentence
  1. The board decided to invest the new CEO with full operational authority.
  2. Individuals often invest money in real estate with the hopes of earning a substantial return over time.
  3. By taking time to invest in their skills, they hope to reap future benefits in their careers.

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