Definitions of "issue"
  1. The money generated from a source of income, often associated with property or estate
  2. Any direct descendants of an individual
  3. An important question or problem, particularly in relation to a legal matter
  4. A subject that arises due to disagreements or conflicts among two or more entities
  5. The critical moment in a legal case when all disputes are ready to be resolved or judged
  6. The action conducted by corporations or governments to offer a series of bonds or shares for sale
  7. The specific bonds or shares that are offered for sale by a corporation or government
  8. To be made available or released with formal approval or authorization
  9. To formally distribute or release, often associated with official documents or declarations
How to use "issue" in a sentence
  1. The court reviewed the issue carefully before making its decision.
  2. The company announced the issue of new stocks to increase its capital.
  3. The lawyer asked for permission to issue a subpoena to acquire necessary evidence.

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