IV-A case

Definition of "IV-A case"
  1. A child support situation where the parent with custody and child(ren) receive public aid from the state's IV-A program, established under Title IV-A of the Social Security Act. The goals are locating the parent without custody, affirming paternity or a child support order, and receiving child support payments to offset some state public assistance costs
How to use "IV-A case" in a sentence
  1. Until paternity was established and a child support order in place, the mother and child became an IV-A case.
  2. The state agency was assigned to the IV-A case, tasked with locating the non-custodial parent and enforcing child support payments.
  3. As an IV-A case, the custodial parent was referred for help to cover the child's needs and recover some costs from the non-custodial parent.

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