Definitions of "job"
  1. The act of carrying out tasks or assignments for remuneration, often sporadically or occasionally
  2. Engaging in a type of business that involves serving as an intermediary or distributor
  3. The act of purchasing and selling assets, such as stocks, with the intention of making a profit
  4. The act of engaging or employing someone for a specific task or for a predetermined duration of service
  5. The process of completing a task or work in separate parts or batches
  6. Refers to a task or a piece of work assigned to a person
  7. Refers to the material or item upon which work is performed
  8. A particular duty, role, or function assigned to an individual
  9. A consistent, paid position that an individual holds
How to use "job" in a sentence
  1. He was looking for a job after he lost his previous one.
  2. She was offered a job as a graphic designer at a tech company.
  3. Getting the right job can be a difficult task for new graduates.

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