Definitions of "joinder"
  1. Joinder refers to the process of bringing multiple parties together in a lawsuit either as plaintiffs or defendants
  2. In criminal proceedings, it is the consolidation of multiple offenses or defendants in one indictment, information, or prosecution
  3. In civil proceedings, it refers to a formal response to an issue that has been raised, such as denying an alleged fact
  4. In business transactions, it denotes the uniting of all the parties involved in a common operation or deal
How to use "joinder" in a sentence
  1. In the copyright infringement case, the court decided against the joinder of two defendants from separate lawsuits.
  2. Due to the complexity of the case, the lawyer argued for the joinder of all offenses in one indictment.
  3. The absence of joinder in the contract negotiation process led to confusion among the parties involved.

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