judgment notwithstanding the verdict

Definition of "judgment notwithstanding the verdict"
  1. A decision made by a trial judge to change a jury's verdict when the judge finds that the verdict has no factual grounds or is contrary to the law. This action, done to prevent any unjust results, is often referred to as 'judgment N.O.V.' or 'N.O.V.', an abbreviation of the Latin term non obstante veredicto
How to use "judgment notwithstanding the verdict" in a sentence
  1. The judge considered a judgment notwithstanding the verdict as he believed the jury's decision had been based on emotions, not facts.
  2. Due to lack of substantial evidence, the attorney requested a judgment notwithstanding the verdict.
  3. The case was unusual as the judge issued a judgment notwithstanding the verdict, overriding the jury's decision.

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