Definitions of "laches"
  1. The failure to promptly assert legal rights or privileges
  2. A legal principle that can lead to a dismissal of a lawsuit if the plaintiff's unjustifiable delay in asserting legal rights or privileges negatively impacts the defendant's ability to put forth a defense because of lost witnesses or evidence
  3. An assertion used as a defense in a lawsuit, based on the principle that the plaintiff delayed unreasonably in asserting their rights, and this delay adversely affected the defense
How to use "laches" in a sentence
  1. The judge rejected the suit, ruling that the principle of laches applied because of the plaintiff's unreasonable delay in filing the case.
  2. Due to the doctrine of laches, the defendant was able to argue that the lawsuit should be dismissed as the evidence was no longer available.
  3. To avoid the possible invocation of the principle of laches, Prompt action should be taken when legal rights have been infringed.

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